Formazione ed evoluzione delle galassie - Abbreviazioni utilizzate e Sitografia

    [13/02/2009] Quesiti keyQuestions liberamente tratte dalla stesura inglese di ScienceVision (2008 ESO)


    A Science Vision for Astronomy

    LISA home page

    SKA home page

    ACT home page

    Plank home page

    PanSTARRS home page

    Gaia home page <a href="" target"_blank" rel="nofollow">

    ELT/CODEX home page

    JASMINE mission page <a href"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

    UKIDSS home page

    SDSS home page

    EGAPS home page www.egaps.rg

    VISTA home page

    ALMA home page

    LOFAR home page

    JWST home page

    Abbreviazioni utilizzate

    LISA - Laser Interferometer Space Antenna;

    SKA - Square Kilometer Array;

    ACT - Atacama Cosmology Telescope;

    LSST - Large Synoptic Survey Telescope;

    PanSTARRS - Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System;

    ELT - Extremely Large Telescope;

    CODEX - COsmic Dynamic Experiment;

    VLTI - Very Large Telescope Interferometer;

    SPASE home page - Space Physics Archive Search and Extract;

    SDSS - Sloan digital Sky Survey;

    UKIDSS - UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky survey;

    EGAPS - European Galactic Plane Surveys;

    VISTA - Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy;

    ALMA - Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array;

    JWST - James Webb Space Telescope.